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05 May 2011 @ 03:36 am
This was my night.  
[02:01am] • nautilus was kidding
[02:01am] Shoes: YOU WERE NOT!
[02:01am] Shoes: YOU MEANT IT
[02:01am] Shoes: I bet Luna is sloshed and singing some hippie song
[02:02am] nautilus: probably
[02:02am] nautilus: the fucking lush
[02:02am] Luna joined the chat room.
[02:02am] nautilus: uh oh
[02:02am] • Shoes drinks Smirnoff Ice
[02:02am] Shoes: yeah what a lush
[02:02am] Luna: Hey motis
[02:02am] Luna: Whaasp
[02:02am] nautilus: mortis?
[02:02am] Shoes: SEE
[02:02am] Shoes: OMG
[02:03am] • Shoes grabs laminating sheets
[02:03am] Luna: Damn you
[02:03am] Shoes: [02:02] <@Shoes> I bet Luna is sloshed and singing some hippie song
[02:03am] Luna: Rick you I was
[02:03am] Luna: Fuck
[02:03am] Shoes: Rick me
[02:03am] Shoes: RICK YOU!
[02:04am] nautilus: nautilus: probably
[02:04am] nautilus: [03:02am] nautilus: the fucking lush
[02:04am] nautilus: [03:02am] Luna joined the chat room.
[02:04am] Shoes: http://images.cheezburger.com/completestore/2009/7/8/128915159828494550.jpg
[02:04am] Shoes: The Ricker
[02:04am] nautilus: he looks like an old man there
[02:05am] Luna: I can't.  Eof
[02:05am] Luna left the chat room. (Quit: Rooms • iPhone IRC Client • http://www.roomsapp.mobi)
[02:05am] Shoes: she can't eof
[02:05am] nautilus: she hates us
[02:05am] Shoes: isn't that a Phil Collins song?  I can't Eof

I was checking chat from the bar, like that was a good idea or something.  I was indeed sloshed and HAD just been singing a hippie song.  I think motis = homies.  If it's not, then I got nothin'.  Damn you, Auto Correct.
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