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21 April 2011 @ 07:11 am
My lunar dreams, how do I stop them?  
Dearest readers,

I just had the urge to go Friends Only... mainly because I noticed that you can't mass change entries unless you have a paid account, which I got for 2 weeks free just now, solely to do that.  I have 1250 entries, no lie, so I wasn't about to get stuck with everything available to everyone and no way to change it unless I paid, because changing them each individually was NOT a viable option.  Damn, am I a wordy bitch.

So yeah, I may post something openly and then change it or I might not, OR I might just do whatever the hell I like.  You know, as I always do.

So, friends, non-friends, stalkers, random people and especially you, spammers... carry on.

Feel free to leave me little notes of love here.  I won't mind.  Well, unless it's about medications and bank scams.  I'm not too fond of that sort of thing.

Hugs & kittens,

P.S. - Go buy the new Duran Duran album.  It's amazing and you won't regret it.  Get the deluxe.  You can thank me later.
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