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09 July 2006 @ 01:32 am
Birdman Part Deux  
Oh dear god help me. I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. My cat came up to my desk and is now laying half on my keyboard because he thinks I am crying and he is attentive like that. Oh HELP. HE RESPONDED.


The result was this:

Poor Poor Friend (1:22:46 AM): you ARE A STUPID FAT UGLY MENTAL RETARD
MeMeMe (1:22:53 AM): ROFL
MeMeMe (1:23:00 AM): Quida
Poor Poor Friend (1:23:01 AM): how about NOT WRITING ME
MeMeMe (1:23:19 AM): usllay blot?!
MeMeMe (1:23:19 AM): WHAT
Poor Poor Friend (1:23:22 AM): leave me the FUCK alone and go bother some mentally challenged desperate paraplegic who WOULD want your company
MeMeMe (1:23:25 AM): HAHA
MeMeMe (1:23:30 AM): oh dear god he is a sad case
MeMeMe(1:23:40 AM): lemme know when you send the screenshot
MeMeMe (1:24:03 AM): acccompishments
MeMeMe (1:24:12 AM): I not some fat slob.
MeMeMe (1:24:15 AM): Um. Yes you are.
Poor Poor Friend (1:24:18 AM): YES YOU ARE

I am still laughing. A LOT. OWW.

An update! Here's her email response to him. Oh god, he deserved it. She done me proud.

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